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The dream of creating a unique place, filled with the chill breeze from the sea and homelike atmosphere, lead to the creation of Saltea in the Costa Blanca! When visiting our restaurant, you will be delighted by our refined Mediterranean dishes filled with vivid flavours that you will never forget!

Only at our restaurant you will find the most luxurious wine collection on the entire shore, that can be enjoyed by any devotee of this magnificent drink. The unique atmosphere of the bohemian town of Altea will make your heart tremble from joy! Only here, prosperous environment of the Marina Greenwich, you will be able to feel comfort and cosiness of the sounds of the waves and explore the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea coast in the company of a truly refined community!


Restaurante Saltea has been serving its guests since 2012. We are located at one of the most unique places – seaport Marina Greenwich at the 000º 00’ 00’’ meridian. This seaport is the only port in the world that is located at this spot! Our restaurant is surrounded by beautiful beaches bays, as well as the interior gentle slopes and rustic Mediterranean towns.

The interior design of Restaurante Saltea is executed in the Mediterranean style, that creates a sensation of brightness and light. The warm and laid-back atmosphere is filled with sun and sea breeze. Every day we work on improving our restaurant, regularly updating our menu in order for each of our guests to feel delighted by our exemplary customer service! We created restaurant with passion and with the warmth of our hearts, which is why we are so proud of the place that we have been able to create!


Saltea specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. We stick to the theory of “kilometre zero”, buying only high-quality local products and daily going to local fish markets to get the best seafood on the coast. Our menu is filled with dishes made from fresh fish, oysters, lobsters, shrimps and scallops.

For meat lovers Saltea offers you to treat yourself with lamp ribs, Galician beef tenderloin and juicy chicken breasts served with rice and seasonal vegetables. It is important for us to satisfy even the pickiest of our customers which is why we thoroughly work on every meal we make to reach the flagship quality of our restaurant.



We are proud to have one of the largest wine selections on the entire coast! Try some of the best Spanish wines, the combination of flavours and sensations will bring you to the perfect environment that you will never want to leave. You can never mix their heavenly, rich and memorable flavor with anything else!

Our wine collection has something for every taste: light and elegant, rich and flavourful, sensual like flamenco or warming and spicy. No matter what wine you pick, we can guarantee that you will love it!


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